Thursday, April 5, 2012

History in a closet

This week we took our family to visit my parents. Lately I've become somewhat nostalgic about my youth and a family log cabin we had in New Hampshire that was built by my grandfather back in the 30's. I've long assumed that buried in slides somewhere in my parents house there would be many photos of this cabin. So for this trip I bought a converter that takes slides or negatives and converts them to digital pictures. When I exposed the nighttime project to my parents I was surprised at the level of help with the digging. Luckily the filing and recording of each box (dozens of boxes) made the task easier.

I found lots of family and cabin shots that I will share in another post soon.

In this post I want to show what I found along the way, totally unexpectedly.

History sometimes exposes itself when you aren't looking. While browsing through hundreds, if not thousands, of slides I came across some gems from a couple of visits to Fenway Park in the late 50's and 1960. Many of the shots featured a pretty good player named Ted Williams. As I excitedly scanned slide after slide of Fenway shots my youngest daughter, who had taken to looking over my shoulder and had an interest in the family photos, kept saying things like "another baseball picture?"

Here are a couple of shots I found, more can be found here: link to album

The photographer for all these shots was my father, Art Tribou.

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