Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pre-All-Star Game thoughts

Tonight's MLB All-Star game led me to have a few thoughts to post.

- The last year in Yankee Stadium brings (hopefully) a memorable night with lots of old-timers like the night in Fenway a few years back.

- the notion of the winning team giving their league home field advantage in the World Series needs to stop. Coupled with the managers desire to play everybody it conflicts and contrasts the desire to win. Need to go back to best record at end of regular season gives homefield advantage, or, best interleague record (league overall) provides the home field advantage (AL soundly has beaten NL this year I believe).

- I read at that the ticket prices are extremely high for all of the events including the fanfest events. Shame on MLB. Perhaps with so much revenue coming in, they could give the players a huge pot of $$$ to the winning team to divide. That could go a long way to making them fight to win it

- If I have to hear about A-Rods pending divorce during the telecast I may puke. Enough.

- here is the starting lineup