Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sign up!

The summer activities on the lake are getting lined up.

Have a fishing excursion with a fishing guide coming up in April

Have some of the ex-Atlanta crew coming in for a long weekend in June, with a potential guest appearance by the man known as Ren

My mother promised a trip to the lake this summer

Water levels are almost at full pool (normal) and the temp is now at 70 degrees so all we need to do is get the boat in the water and the season will be underway.

Need to schedule days out with lots of friends and family. Last year we had 23 individuals on the boat over the summer. Goal this year is for 35 (50% increase). Give me a holler and we'll compare calendars.

Tube, skis, wakeboard, wakeskate, hydrofoil. These are the toys...who wants to play?

Summer is here!

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